Basted Flavors Rawhide Chews

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Non Stain Hickory Beef & Chicken Basted Flavors

1.FY-87644B 4"-5",4pcs
2.FY-87644C 4"-5",4pcs
3.FY-87735C 3 1/2"-4" Donut,2pcs
4.FY-87735B 3 1/2"-4" Donut,2pcs
5.FY-87738C 2" 2 1/2"Mini Bone,8pcs
6.FY-87638B 2" 2 1/2"Mini

Double Flavors Rawhide Chew Bones

1.4"-5",2pc Chicken Flavor
2.4"-5",2pc Bubble Gum Flavor
3.2"-2 1/2" Mini Bone, 8pcs Dental mint
4.2"-2 1/2" Mini Bone, 8pcs Cheese
5.2"-2 1/2" Mini Bone, 8pcsBubble Gum Flavor
6.2"-2 1/2" Mini Bone, 8pcs Chicken Flavor

Hickory Smoked Pork Hide Dog Chews

1.6" Bone
2.4" Bone
3.6"X15mm Twist Sticks
4.5"X15mm Twist Sticks