Compressed Rawhide Chews

Doggy Chews is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of compressed rawhide. Compressed Rawhide is made from the inner layer of a cow's hide. It is cleaned and dried before being cut, rolled, shaped or pressed into one of many different shapes or forms. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Based on the concept of teamwork, we are committed to providing value-added products, do our best, let our customers succeed, and achieve a win-win policy.

Natural Compressed Rawhide Chews

2 1/2" ,4 1/2",6 1/2",8 1/2,10 1/2" & 12" Bone,Baseball, Football & Pressed Ring 3"
Natural Rawhide: Our Compressed Rawhide Chews are made from 100% natural rawhide, ensuring a safe and healthy chewing option for your doggy.

Dental Care: Chewing on these compressed chews helps promote better dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup, keeping your doggy's teeth clean and strong.

White Compressed Rawhide Chews

2 1/2",4",6",8",10",12" Boen, White Baseball & Football, Pressed Ring 3"
High-Quality Rawhide: Our White Compressed Rawhide Chews are made from premium-quality rawhide, ensuring a safe and satisfying chewing experience for your furry companion.
Exciting Shapes: Our White Compressed Rawhide Chews come in bone shapes, as well as white baseballs, white footballs, and pressed rings, adding extra fun and variety to your doggy's chewing routine.