Premium White Rawhide Chews (bulk)

Doggy Chews is a high-quality Taiwan rawhide dog treats manufacturer. We dedicated ourselves to provide the best rawhide for dogs and puppies. Rawhide bones satisfy your dog’s need to chew in a positive way. Please visit our website for more information about our products.

White Rawhide Bones

1. Rawhide KnotBone7"-8"
2. Rawhide KnotBone6"-7"
3. Rawhide Knot Bone4"-5"&3"

White Rawhide Retriever Rolls

1.18-20mmX5" White Twist Stick
2.20mmX9" White Retreiver Roll
3.25mmX9" White Retreiver Roll
4.35mmX10" White Retreiver Roll
5.40mmX12" White Retreiver Roll
6.50-60mmX12" Monster Retreiver Roll

Jumbo Rawhide Bones

1.Round Knot Bone9"-10"
2.Round Knot Bone7"-8"
3.Round Knot Bone16"-18"

Extra Heavy Rawhide Bones

1.Flat Knot Bone 6"-7"
2.Flat Knot Bone 8"-9"
3.Flat Knot Bone 10"-11"
4.Flat Knot Bone 15"-16"
5.12"Monster Retriever Roll

White Braid Sticks

1.8"-9" Braid stick
2.5"-6" Braid stick

White Rawhide Braid Rings

1.6"-7" Braid stick
2.12"-13" Braid stick
3.15"-16" Braid stick
4.22"-24" Braid stick